The Unitasker


The "Unitasker," a word coined by the infamous Mr Alton Brown.  This word has become a part of my every day vocabulary... just don't look it up in the Websters Dictionary.  Tonight as I was making dinner I realized that even though Alton frowns upon many unitaskers, there are so many I couldn't live without.  So, in "Lauren" fashion, I thought I'd write up a little list of my favorites.

The Unitasking Loves of My Culinary Life

My Garlic Press:  
I'm sorry, but smashing your garlic with the side of your knife just seems violent.  That, and all the good garlicy juice stays on your "smashing" surface.  You shalt not waste garlicy juices is the 11th commandment.

My Tongs:  
Well, you could argue that this isn't really a unitasker, but it could be.  A good pair of tongs is vital in my kitchen.  I use it for the grill, to dress pasta, to toss salad... everything.

My Wine Key: 
'Nuff said.

My Mortar and Pestle:  
There is something so satisfying about crushing spices with a marble mortar and pestle.  Did you have a bad day at work?  Crush some star anise with this baby and everything will be better.  Promise.

My Splatter Screen:  
Save yourself some cleaning time and buy a splatter screen.  No joke.

My Pizza Stone:  
I usually leave my stone in the oven.. mostly because I forget it's in there....  But anyway, I'll never ever make a pizza without it, even a crappy frozen one.  It can be used for other things besides pizza, but who cares.

My Cherry Pitter:
Try to pit three pounds of fresh cherries without one.  I dare you.

My Zester:
It seriously changed my culinary life. Seriously.

Do you have a favorite unitasker?


  1. I really should get a splatter screen. I have everything else. What am I waiting for? I may not have a cherry pitter. We don't eat too many fresh cherries. I should change that. Fun post!

  2. I have tried to pit cherries without a cherry pitter... what a pain! What brand do you have? I've been looking for one, especially since cherry season is right around the corner.