My Five Food Basics

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Yes, this is me.. maybe in junior high?  I really can't remember.

Everyone has some sort of staple food list, and depending on how you cook, they could all be very different.   Mine is extremely basic, but I believe that if you want to cook from scratch you have to have certain items in your pantry at all times.  The catch is that these items have to be quality.  Eggs from the supermarket do not taste as great as the hens in your backyard.  Of course, not everyone can have their own chickens.  My advice?  Compromise and get some from your local health food market.  I find that splurging on a dozen eggs makes all the difference.  The meals no longer have to be complex because the ingredients sing on their own.  An egg on top of pasta with some thick cut bacon?  Heaven.   Simple ingredients, amazing taste, and cheaper than a bunch of extra food slapped on your plate.

So here is my small list.  I am only sharing five today, but believe me, there is way way way more.   Here they are in no particular order:

1.  Dried beans
2. Unbleached flour
3. Fresh, quality, local eggs
4. Quality, local milk
5.  Quality olive oil

All of these ingredients are great vehicles for any meal.  We love cannellini beans with spicy italian sausage, crushed tomatoes and plenty of herbs.   Another favorite?  Thin crust pizzas with bacon, jalapenos and a nice runny egg, sunny side up.   The milk usually ends up being some sort of quick soft cheese such as ricotta or creme fraiche.  Beautiful.    

What are your staples?

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